Aunt Katie's Community Garden

Local Spotlight: Aunt Katie’s Community Garden

The earlier we plant the seed for good eating habits, the healthier we can live. Still, not everyone has the same resources—and that can make proper nutrition harder to obtain. Aunt Katie’s Community Garden on South Linden St. in Dothan will help kids in our communities grow strong and healthy. After all, every child deserves Read more about Local Spotlight: Aunt Katie’s Community Garden[…]

the Whispering Giant

Local Spotlight: The Whispering Giant

Dothan, AL’s tallest resident stands at 20 feet—and he has an important story to tell. His name? The Whispering Giant, located outside the Houston-Love Memorial Public Library! More on The Whispering Giant Knowing about history can ensure a more equitable present and future. It also shows respect to those who came before us. Created by Read more about Local Spotlight: The Whispering Giant[…]

Wallace Community College

Local Spotlight: Wallace Community College

Many of us have had extra time recently to consider how we want to live our lives. Whether that means moving, learning a new skill, or even starting a different career, the idea of change can be exciting—and overwhelming. If you’re considering earning a degree or attending classes in Dothan, Wallace Community College is here Read more about Local Spotlight: Wallace Community College[…]