In the News: Southern Roots Nut Co. Is Expanding in Dothan

Southern Roots Nut Co. is expanding in Dothan

News that Southern Roots Nut Co. is expanding in Dothan has our community going nuts! No stranger to nuts, the Wiregrass region will soon be home to a multimillion-dollar pecan processing facility for the New Mexico-based company. 

About Southern Roots Nut Co. in Dothan

According to reports, Southern Roots Nut Co. is expanding in Dothan with plans to invest more than $16 million into modernizing an existing building and more. To clarify, the company purchased a 120,000-square-foot cold storage facility in Sam Houston Industrial Park. 

What’s more, along with renovating the existing space, Southern Roots Nut Co. plans on constructing an additional facility next door. Eventually, it will be a hub for storing, processing and distributing raw pecans. 

Construction on the brand-new building is expected to begin within 12 to 18 months. And since Southern Roots Nut Co. is expanding in Dothan, there will be more jobs! In fact, the company hopes to create about 120 jobs for the area once the construction phase is complete.

More about Southern Roots Nut Co.

Southern Roots Nut Co. is family-owned and operated, as are many of their grower-owned cooperative multigenerational farms. According to their website, brothers Chris and Brandon Harrell “grew up around pecan shelling plants and learned the industry from the ground up, just as their father, Marty Harrell, had before them.” 

Now, Southern Roots is expanding their reach and capabilities by putting down roots in the Wiregrass with the upcoming processing plant. Known for high-quality pecans, Southern Roots Nut Co. is a wholesale supplier for both inshell and shelled pecans. They can handle a variety of packaging options and volumes, truly making it a farm-to-table experience. 

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