In the News: Free Meals for All Students at Dothan City Schools

free meals for all students at Dothan City Schools

More than 8,000. According to Niche, that’s how many kids will benefit from free meals for all students at Dothan City Schools starting in August.

About the program

In fact, free meals for all students at Dothan City Schools apply for the next four years. According to reports, Dothan’s Board of Education decided to move forward with participating in the Community Eligibility Provision program.

The Hunger Free Alabama program is a non-pricing meal program that lets schools offer two free meals to all students. What’s more, parents don’t have to complete an application or any paperwork!

So, on August 8th, the first day of school for the 2023-2024 school year, all students will be offered a free breakfast and a free lunch. Typically, both meals will include a protein, fruits, vegetables, grains and milk, providing a well-balanced breakfast and lunch.

After that, free meals for all students at Dothan City Schools will continue through the 2026-2027 school year.

More about Dothan City Schools

Dothan City Schools includes 19 schools that serve pre-kindergarten through 12th-grade students throughout the city. According to the website, there are 11 elementary schools, one middle school for 7th through 8th-graders, one 9th grade academy, one high school for 10th-12th grade and other specialty schools.

Did you know students living at Colony Square Apartments are zoned for Selma Street Elementary School, for starters? The school is located at 1501 W. Selma St., which is about two miles from us. After elementary school, it’s on to Dothan Preparatory Academy. Next is freshman year at Carver 9th Grade Academy.

Finally, students finish out their public school careers at Dothan High School, unless they enroll in Dothan City Virtual School for independent learners in 7th-12th grade.

Stay in touch with Dothan City Schools on Facebook and Instagram, where you will find helpful information like where free summer meals are available Monday through Friday now through July 21st.


Speaking of meal time, what’s cooking in your Colony Square kitchen? The good news is cleanup will be quick and easy thanks to your dishwasher! Keep reading our blogs for more community news and events.