In the News: Dothan’s Downtown Entertainment District

Dothan's Downtown Entertainment District

If you happened to go to this year’s Mardi Gras parade in February, you may have toasted your neighbors in the streets thanks to Dothan’s Downtown Entertainment District.

About Dothan’s Downtown Entertainment District

A recent change to the city’s alcohol ordinance included creating an official downtown entertainment district. Dothan’s Downtown Entertainment District allows visitors to legally carry alcoholic beverages purchased from licensed establishments around downtown during special events.

To summarize, you can visit a participating restaurant or business during downtown events. Next, you can purchase a drink served in a shatterproof container with the business logo displayed.

Then you can sip and stroll through downtown while enjoying the planned festivities from 11 a.m. until midnight. Of course, hours could vary, depending on the time of the approved event.

More about the entertainment district

As far as Dothan’s Downtown Entertainment District goes, there are a few general guidelines. For example, participants can’t take an open container from one licensed establishment into another. But you can walk the designated streets with the approved open container.

Residents and visitors can’t bring their own alcoholic beverages into the district or beverages purchased outside of the district into the district’s perimeter.


The City of Dothan’s Downtown Entertainment District covers several blocks and includes several local businesses. The district runs down Saint Andrews Street and includes portions of Main Street, Museum Avenue, Monument Street and continues along East Troy Street.

It also includes parts of North Appletree Street, North and South Foster Street and West Crawford Street.

A good way to see the outline for Dothan’s Downtown Entertainment District is to view the map here. Follow the city on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more news, including upcoming downtown events.

Another good resource for downtown fun and entertainment is Dothan Downtown. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well.


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