In the News: UAB Dental Clinic in Dothan

UAB Dental Clinic in Dothan

A new satellite UAB Dental Clinic in Dothan will be the first of its kind. One of the main goals of the dental clinic will be to address the shortage of rural dentists in Alabama.

About the UAB Dental Clinic

Renovations on a space for the future state-of-the-art UAB Dental Clinic in Dothan are now underway. According to UAB reports, the project is being supported by a $3.4 million appropriation from the state.

The much-needed dental clinic will be the first prototype, essentially. The UAB Dental Clinic in Dothan is designed to “recruit, train and retain rural dentists.”

The UAB Dental Clinic will be operated by University of Alabama at Birmingham faculty and staff as well as local residents. Initially, two groups of students will be trained at the dental clinic.

First, the senior dental students will be on rotation followed by dental residents who have graduated. As of now, the clinic will have eight exam chairs. Hopefully, more than 10,000 patients will be seen each year.

The UAB Dental Clinic in Dothan is on track to open in the summer of 2023.

More about the need for rural dentists

According to the UAB School of Dentistry, there are only 60 general dentists to serve almost 500,000 people in a 50-mile radius of Dothan. That’s not the only staggering fact shared by the school.

Reports also stated for every 10,000 Dothan-area residents, there are only 1.4 dentists. The national average is 6.1.

Ironically, 75 percent of citizens have insurance, but little access to dental care. Hence, the need for more rural dentists.


The UAB Dental Clinic will be located inside the Health Center South Medical Tower at 2826 Ross Clark Circle. That means it will be about a mile from Colony Square, which means it will be about a four-minute drive.


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