In the News: Revitalizing Dothan’s City Center

revitalizing Dothan's City Center

Things in the Circle City are about to come full circle as the initial plans have been shared in regard to revitalizing Dothan’s City Center in the heart of downtown!

The initial reveal

After much research, thought and community input, the city has begun to reveal its plans for revitalizing Dothan’s City Center. First of all, city leaders have partnered with a national leader in redesigning cities’ core spaces, RDG.

With the information, needs and wants of the Dothan community front and center, conceptualization will begin.

For starters, the new center would include a huge arena with double the seating capacity as the current Dothan Civic Center. Next on the wish list is the proposed Wiregrass Arts and Innovation Center.

This unique space would be a place where creativity abounds with cultural and artistic programming. The creativity will continue to flow thanks to the innovation space and a new black box-style theater.

Plus, at the moment, plans include a new hotel, mixed-use developments and a large parking deck to help accommodate extra visitors to the downtown area. This can all be found across from what will be the renovated and upgraded Dothan Opera House.

In addition to new and upgraded cultural and entertainment facilities, plans for more green space and pedestrian-friendly walkways are in the works.

More about the future center

Remember, this is just the beginning phase of revitalizing Dothan’s City Center. As you look over the presentation and proposed plans here, keep in mind they are conceptual plans for now. Overall, the process will take a several years to complete.

To find out more, click here and watch the video presentation illustrating the possibilities.


All this talk about revitalizing Dothan’s City Center has us falling more in love with our evolving city! If you are new to the area yourself and looking for your next place to call home, contact us to ask about upcoming availability. Keep reading our blogs for more community news, spotlights and fun things to do!