In the News: FedEx Logistics Facility Coming to Dothan

FedEx Logistics Facility Coming to Dothan

Who else just spent December mailing holiday packages? Cookies, toys, electronics, and more—it’s always nice to be able to send loved ones presents, even if we can’t spend the season together. As it turns out, this is an especially timely topic. Why? There’s a FedEx logistics facility coming to Dothan, right at Sam Houston Industrial Park. We’ll express how cool that is in our blog below. So, keep reading!

What is a logistics facility?

Before we get into the news, let’s take a minute to explain what a logistics facility is. Essentially, it’s a place where packages get taken for sorting. Then, they get sent out to their destinations.

In other words? It’s a pit stop for packages from all over!

More on the FedEx logistics facility coming to Dothan

The FedEx logistics facility coming to Dothan will make a big difference—to the tune of $57 million. That price tag means a huge boost for our local economy, with material costs, labor, and new careers poised to follow. According to estimates, it will bring more than 200 job openings to Dothan.

As for the building itself, it will eventually span approximately 317,000 square-feet. It will also sit on a 70-acre parcel of land.

When it will it be completed?

The groundbreaking on the new FedEx logistics facility is slated to happen about a year from now. Construction will begin in December 2022, with a projected completion date towards the final quarter of that year.

Where will it be located?

Eventually, Sam Houston Industrial Park will have a new tenant. That’s where the upcoming Dothan FedEx logistics facility will be located, just off of Sam Houston Boulevard.


Economic growth comes wrapped up in a tidy package, thanks to the FedEx logistics facility coming to Dothan. In the next year or so, plenty of parcels will travel through our town on their way to their final destinations.

And, they’ll bring new jobs and revenue with them. What an exciting new development!

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