In the News: Top Ranking for Wallace Community College

Top Ranking for Wallace Community College

Not just good—they’re one of the best! According to Niche, Wallace Community College is one of the best community colleges in the nation. Read on to learn more about this impressive top ranking for Wallace Community College—and a bit about the school itself.

About Wallace Community College

Hey, that name sounds familiar! Not only is Wallace Community College 8.2 miles, or 17 minutes, from Colony Square, but we’ve also talked about it before on our blog. Dothan is home to one of its three campuses.

Founded back in 1947, it now has around 4,000 students. They can earn degrees in subjects like Nursing, Biology, Education, and more. Plus, they’ll also get their degree from one of the best community colleges in America!

More on the award

Can we just say? Congratulations on the top ranking for Wallace Community College. This list designated them as one of the best community colleges in the whole country.

In total, 34 schools earned a ranking based on student life, academics, finances, and more. That means not every state made the cut! Wallace Community College earned spot number 29, showing that you don’t have to travel far for a quality education.

Fun fact: Niche also has categorized Wallace Community College as the number two community college in the state of Alabama, right after Marion Military Institute.

The benefits of community colleges

Over the past few years, more and more people have realized the true value that a community college education offers. Not only do community colleges offer incredible programs and trade training, but they also cost less.

Plus, for those interested in going to a four-year school later on, community colleges will give you the well-rounded background you need for your general credits. Just something to think about!


The top ranking for Wallace Community College shows that it’s simple to study smart. After all, you can save a bundle and still earn a top-tier degree. Well, at Colony Square, we also know a thing or two about living smart. Explore our floor plans, photos, and application info for a quick lesson in economical apartments. Finally, find out all about our community on our blog here!