Local Spotlight: Aunt Katie’s Community Garden

Aunt Katie's Community Garden

The earlier we plant the seed for good eating habits, the healthier we can live. Still, not everyone has the same resources—and that can make proper nutrition harder to obtain. Aunt Katie’s Community Garden on South Linden St. in Dothan will help kids in our communities grow strong and healthy. After all, every child deserves a bright and beautiful future.

The Journey of Aunt Katie’s Community Garden

The journey to plant Aunt Katie’s Community Garden started three years ago. The building efforts were led by garden director Michael Jackson and Tuskegee University professors, in conjunction with city officials, the Department of Environmental Management, The Environmental Protection Agency, and The DuBois Institute. After much searching, they found their site—a brownfield property in the Baptist Bottom neighborhood in Dothan, AL.

Then, in March they broke ground! Within a few weeks, they officially opened to the public. Now, anyone in town can walk through and enjoy their green gardens.

More on the Garden’s Mission

The food we eat as children doesn’t just build our habits. It also builds our bodies. And so, we need all the good nutrition we can get! With low-cost and free healthy produce, Aunt Katie’s Community Garden will lead the charge against food insecurity. Along the way, it will also help local kids grow up to be their very best.

Of course, the garden will also benefit our entire community too! From providing education, to bringing the folks in our town together, to teaching independence, we can all look forward to its advantages.

The Economic Side

Both our city itself and the EPA have invested in our youth’s future by funding this project. The EPA provided grants, with the City of Dothan also contributing 20 percent. In total, the garden cost $400,000 to build. Its benefits, however, will last through the lifetimes of all the children it helps.

Not to mention, it will provide jobs too! Plus, by making healthy food affordable and even free, it will decrease medical costs. And, in the same effort, it means local families will have more money in their pockets. That money, in turn, can stimulate our economy in other sectors.

Visiting Details

Once a brownfield property, now a vibrant garden! Aunt Katie’s Community Garden awaits at 602 Linden St. Their hours run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday to Friday, and from 12 to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

Want to bring home something tasty? You can call ahead at (334) 648-4496 to reserve produce! Or, follow their Facebook page to see what they’re selling at the moment.


Good nutrition begins locally. Aunt Katie’s Community Garden will grow healthy habits—and happy people—all across town. So, if you want something fresh on your table, check them out!

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