In the News: Downtown Dothan Electric Car Charging Station

Downtown Dothan Electric Car Charging Station

Things are “charging” for the better in Dothan, AL. Ecofriendly options—like electric vehicles—can help us build a more sustainable future. With the arrival of a new Downtown Dothan electric car charging station, we can start lowering our carbon footprint. Look out for the station at the parking lot where North Foster St. meets West Troy St.

More on the New Charging Station

Eventually, your car needs to refuel. Or, if it’s electric, it needs to charge! Electric vehicle owners can now draw on a new resource: the new Downtown Dothan electric car charging station.

The station was made possibly partly thanks to a grant from the Alabama Municipal Electric Authority. Their program will pay back the costs for the two stations in town, and at rate of up to $267,513.

What’s the charging process?

Step one: Have an electric or hybrid vehicle capable of charging.

Step two: Create a ChargePoint account.

Step three: Arrive at the charging station.

Step four: Leave your car to charge for up to an hour. During that time, you can walk, shop, and eat around Downtown Dothan.

Step Five: Unplug, pay, and head home!

What are the benefits of the new charging station?

Electric cars can lower our carbon footprint on the planet. That means decreased pollution, improved air quality, and a healthier Earth for years to come. Well, not only will the station have a global impact, but it will have a local one too!

The folks behind the station chose its location strategically. Because it sits in Downtown Dothan, it offers an incentive for people to visit the area. And when they come, they will shop! That means more money will flow through our local economy, which can spell an enormous difference.

Another advantage? The fact that people can explore our city and all its many local treasures.

Additionally, the station also has a cost-effective benefit too. Not to mention, just one charge can keep your car running for as long as 100 hours!

Where is the new charging station?

A local parking lot recently received a big upgrade: the new electric car charging station. You can find it in the spot where North Foster St. hits West Troy St. If you go by landmarks, that’s across from the Dothan Police Department at 210 North Saint Andrews St.


We can all do things to take charge of a healthier environment. From recycling, to buying locally grown produce, to even refueling your vehicle at the Downtown Dothan electric car charging station, everything makes a difference. And even if you don’t have an electric car, you can cut down on fuel usage by biking or walking!

We love the Dothan, AL community! If you’re still looking for your home sweet home in town, check out Colony Square here. You can even apply online! As for staying up-to-date on local news, visit our blog.