Local Spotlight: The Whispering Giant

the Whispering Giant

Dothan, AL’s tallest resident stands at 20 feet—and he has an important story to tell. His name? The Whispering Giant, located outside the Houston-Love Memorial Public Library!

More on The Whispering Giant

Knowing about history can ensure a more equitable present and future. It also shows respect to those who came before us. Created by Peter Toth, a wood sculptor, The Whispering Giant stands as a testament to that belief. He donated our statue, also known as Mus-Quoian, back in 1927.

Like all the other creations in The Whispering Giants collection, Toth gave away his work for free. His hope? To give voice and attention to Native Americans throughout history, as well as the inequality and violence they faced. The second and equally important goal? Ensuring that the future never repeats the tragedies of the past.

One of Many: The Whispering Giants Series

For years, Toth dedicated his time to making enormous wood sculptures. His Trail of the Whispering Giants collection spanned 74 figures, some of which reached as high as 50 feet. Each Giant’s appearance benefited from input from Native American voices.

The Giants reside all around the U.S.A. Yes, all 50 states! You can find them in spots like Bar Harbor, ME; La Jolla, CA; and Las Cruces, NM. Some have lasted through the decades. Others disappeared, received irreparable water damage, or fell into disrepair.

Over the years, Toth has replaced a few of his creations. As of 2009, he aimed to create more. It stands as a testament to Dothan, AL that we have shown such care to our Whispering Giant.

Where can I find The Whispering Giant?

Avid readers may already know The Whispering Giant quite well. He stands at the Houston-Love Memorial Public Library, located at 212 W. Burdeshaw St. in Dothan, AL. Next time you check out new books, consider giving him a visit too.


Every member of our town matters deeply—and so do their stories. The Whispering Giant brings life to the past. Consider visiting this important local landmark and taking some time to somberly reflect.

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