Coming Up: Southeast Alabama Highland Games

Southeast Alabama Highland Games

The wait is nearly over! The Southeast Alabama Highland Games will return to Dothan soon on September 19. Whether you’re a competitor or a spectator, you can learn more about this local favorite below.

What are the Southeast Alabama Highland Games?

Led by the Twisted Kilt Society, the Southeast Alabama Highland Games celebrate Scottish heritage with a healthy dose of competition. This year marks the fifth annual incarnation of the games. It also brings shows of strength, a sense of community togetherness, and tons of excitement.

Normally, the festivities tie in directly with St. Patrick’s Day, though this year the event was moved to a different month. Still, you can learn a lot about Scottish culture and celebrations, even if the games were postponed!

What can I do at the Southeast Alabama Highland Games?

You can participate in—or watch—events like hammer throws and sheaf tosses. They also offer kids’ games too, so that the little ones are included. Plus, you can buy food and souvenirs from vendors—like kilts!

Visiting Details

The Southeast Alabama Highland Games take place on September 19 at 9 a.m. They’ll be located at the National Peanut Fairgrounds on Hwy 231 South.

Tickets are free for those aged 10 and under! Everyone else can purchase their tickets for $10 each.


St. Patrick’s Day happens twice this year thanks to the Southeast Alabama Highland Games. Get ready for good spirits and good fun at this Dothan event! Whether you like food, sports, or entertainment, you’ll find something exciting there.

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