10 Things to Do at Colony Square Apartments

things to do at Colony Square Apartments

Over the past few months, many of us have had to make our own fun. Fortunately, no matter what is going on in the world, there are always things to do at Colony Square Apartments. Check out these activities you can do at your home sweet home!

Play on the Playground

If you have little ones, playing on our playground will be one of their favorite things to do at Colony Square Apartments. Just remember to follow all posted signage and regulations!

Catch up on the Laundry

Sure, chores aren’t the most exciting option, but crossing an item off your to-do lists offers a whole lot of relief. We have a helpful laundry area in case you need to catch up on the laundry!

Visit Our Clubhouse

You can come and visit our cool clubhouse! Just imagine all the fun that you can have with friends old and new.

Cook Delicious Meals

Who’s hungry? You can make delicious meals all day long in your Colony Square kitchen. And as a pro-tip: if you make extra servings, you can freeze them and reheat them whenever you want! So much easier than cooking twice!

Read Our Blog

You don’t even have to get off the couch for this one! Read Colony Square Apartments’ blog to learn more about events, fun places, and news in Dothan, Alabama.

Throw a Movie Night

You only need popcorn and a DVD or streaming device for this one—though more snacks are always better! Plus, you can even set up a text chat or video call with friends or family if they want to watch along with you.

Show off Your Stylish Apartment

Feeling extra proud of how well you’ve decorated your apartment? Post pics on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! You can even tag us! Our handle for each of those sites is @ColonySquareAL!

Hang out with Your Pet

Walks. Snuggles. Playtime. You can have a ball with your cat or dog at our pet-friendly apartments.

Go Swimming

As soon as pool season begins, you can go swimming. Ah, how refreshing!

Take a Relaxing Walk

Walking gives us a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature—and it helps us stay healthy too. You’re welcome to take a relaxing walk or a renewing run around Colony Square.


Staying entertained is simple around here. Whether you like running, reading, or just plain relaxing, you can find plenty of things to do at Colony Square Apartments all year long.

Hoping to join our community? Visit our site here! You can even apply online. Plus, to learn more about local news and apartment living, check out our blog.