In the News: The History of Dothan’s Moody Hospital

history of Dothan's Moody Hospital

The way we practice medicine has changed drastically—and positively—over the years. Now, we have much more effective ways of treating patients! Another thing that has changed is where treat them too. Way back when, one of those places was Moody Hospital. Though it has long since stopped taking care of sick and injured people, it has had an interesting past. Read on to learn more about the history of Dothan’s Moody Hospital.

Humble Origins

The history of Dothan’s Moody Hospital starts with its namesake: Dr. Earle Farley Moody. Back then, in 1913, the place was known as the Moody Infirmary. After some upgrades, it grew into Moody Hospital in 1919. There, doctors treated sick patients, completed surgeries, and dealt with painful injuries.

Moody’s Legacy

Did you know that Dr. Moody actually hailed from Georgia? It’s true—he hails from Saffold, where he was born back in 1880.

Another fun fact: Dr. Moody was ahead of his time, medically—and so was his grandfather. Moody’s grandfather actually observed the establishment of the world-famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. His knowledge impacted his local community and its doctors. When Dr. Moody grew up, he also helped the community by teaching nurses about the art of medical treatment. His training center greatly influenced local medicine with a critical nursing program. It ran for decades, until 1952.

Ending Treatments

Sadly, all good things come to an end. In the case of the Moody Hospital, it closed in 1965. Dr. Moody didn’t stop taking care of patients though. Instead, he decided to transition into a private practice.

Waid, Holmes & Associates

Though Moody Hospital no longer operated after 1965, the building had a new owner: Waid, Holmes & Associates. They served the area as an architectural firm, which makes sense—Dothan was in the midst of a growth period. Ever been to Troy State in Dothan? What about our Civic Center? You can thank Waid, Holmes & Associates for them both!

Soon, it was time for the firm to close down too. Now, the building waits for new owners. We wonder how this next chapter in its exciting history will unfold!


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