Mark Your Calendar: Dothan’s National Peanut Festival 2019

Dothan's national peanut festival 2019

October is nearly at its end. Don’t worry though—November is chockful of fun, especially with Dothan’s National Peanut Festival 2019 on the horizon. Starting in only a few days, this exciting event will bring petting zoos, pig races, peanuts, and more. Here’s what you can look forward to at this fantastic local festival.

What is Dothan’s National Peanut Festival?

For one thing, Dothan’s National Peanut Festival 2019 is a big deal! It’s also a beloved local tradition. Though attendees used to celebrate it in Houston, it was moved to Dothan, the Peanut Capital of the World, back in 1999. That means this is its 20th year in town!

Attendees have a lot to look forward to as they visit what’s known as the world’s largest peanut festival. They can enjoy attractions and fun activities such as:

  • A petting zoo;
  • Chainsaw art;
  • Pig racing;
  • Livestock shows;
  • Amusement park rides;
  • Live music;
  • Food and drink vendors;
  • A magic show; and
  • Peanuts!

When and Where

Dothan’s National Peanut Festival 2019 is a 10-day event. It kicks off on Nov. 1, lasting until Nov. 10. Hours change from day to day, so make sure that you check out the time guidelines on the official website. When the fairgrounds are open, festivalgoers can head on down to the event’s location at 5622 Highway 231 South in Dothan, Alabama.

Buy Tickets

Don’t forget to pick up your tickets! Whether you want to go for the day, get a full festival pass, or reserve concert seating, you can purchase tickets here.


Tucked in between Halloween and Thanksgiving is a fan-favorite event: Dothan’s National Peanut Festival 2019. Join people from near and far as they celebrate a major force in the city—and the state’s—economy: the peanut! Plus, you can also hop on amusement park rides, attend a magic show, and chow down on some delicious food while you’re at it.

Living in Dothan means that you can soak in culture—just like the National Peanut Festival. If you’re thinking of turning the Peanut Capitol of the World into your hometown, there’s no better place to hang your hat than Colony Square. Check out our website here or call us at (334) 794-5292 to learn more. As for learning more about town—and apartment living—visit our blog.